Pattern FAQ

What is a PDF Pattern?
A PDF Pattern is a pattern that you download and print on your own printer at home. You don’t need any fancy equipment, just a computer able to download and read PDF files and a regular laser or ink jet printer that uses standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. It saves on shipping costs and allows me to create detailed, tutorial style instructions with full color photos that would never be cost effective to package and sell. If you want to save paper and ink, print only the pattern pieces and read the instructions on your computer or tablet.

How will I receive my pattern file?
After checkout you will immediately receive an email with a link to a receipt. Click through to your receipt and the download link will be located below the name of the pattern that you ordered. Click that link to download your pattern. Make sure you save it to your computer!

Is it difficult to tape pieces together?
Not at all. I give clear instructions on the pieces about where to tape them together. Just align the dashed edges and tape. I find it easiest to set them flat on the table or cutting mat and use those cool pop up tape dispensers!

Can I sell items I make with your patterns?
YES! If you make a bag for your sister and her best friend loves it and wants to pay you to make her one, why would I stand in your way? Please just be respectful of my hard work and don’t email patterns to other people or post instructions or photos of my “tricks” (especially the zipper installation). Don’t mass produce them. Please give me credit if you do sell them online. See the policies section for more information, and if you’re not sure, just ask!

Do your dogs really pose for the camera?
Yep! They have a pavlovian response to the sound of the shutter now. Camera = treats!

Are zippers scary?
No! Not even a little! First of all, I walk you through it with full color photos and measurements telling you exactly where to place everything. Second, I’ve figured out some really nifty techniques so that you’re not sewing your zips into side seams and getting those funky corners. If you can sew a 1/4″ seam, you can make these bags. Soon enough, you will be installing zippers in all of your bags!

Do seam allowances matter?
Definitely – along with accurate cutting, frequent pressing and nice top-stitching. I will explain the construction and do the math for you, but I’m relying on you to check your seam allowances, measure and cut the pieces accurately and press and topstitch. If you can do those things, your bag will look extremely professional.